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Strapping My Real Life Baby Girl’s Bottom In The Snow – Michael Masterson

Lately, my baby girl has been having trouble returning text messages, and the issue really became an issue when she did not return several messages to her Mistress. All three of us decided that this need to be addressed and I allowed her Mistress to choose the sentence. It was decided that she would receive 100 strokes with a heavy strap. I marched my baby girl into the woods, on a snowy day, and gave her a very real punishment strapping, with no warm-up. With what started as an ice cold bottom, she had much trouble holding still, which resulted in me starting over at least once and many strokes throughout the punishment not counting. When her punishment was over, she was required to do a bottomless corner time in the cold, followed by several minutes of putting her sore bottom into the snow. This is a real-life DDlg punishment session, filmed in the woods, and the strapping leaves her bottom very bruised and sore.

My Baby Girl Receives A Severe Switching – Michael Masterson

After mouthing off to daddy in front of company, the little one is taught a very real lesson. Our day began with a trip to the woods where she had to pick and cut 7 different switches for her punishment. Once home, she spent the next 30 minutes cleaning and prepping each one to be used on her. After some bare bottom cornertime, she is required to bring the punishment bench into the living room, and layout all the switches to be used on her. With her bottom bared I get right to work. This is a very intense switching the last over 5 minutes, leaving her bottom and her thighs completely bruised and welted. When the switching is over, it is time for her caning, where she receives very severe strokes with my largest dragon cane. After a little more cornertime she is required to vacuum up the mess with her welted and sore bottom on display. This is not a commercial production from my studio, this is my 1st ever private discipline session, filmed in my house, with my real life baby girl.

100 Stroke Cold Caning For My Baby Girl – The Private Files (Michael Masterson)

There is a time in all Daddy/baby girl relationships in which discipline must be administered in a manner that leaves a long-lasting impression. After three weeks unsupervised, the little one managed to find herself in a considerable amount of trouble and we finally had to put it behind us. This video is the real-life punishment of my baby girl for this exact reason. This is a 100 stroke cold caning (no warm-up at all) and it allows you to take a peek into a real-life disciplinary punishment of a very real DDlg relationship. There is no acting or role play, simply pure corporal punishment administered in a manner designed to change behaviors. The entire punishment is filmed in HD, from both a face and bottom view, with results video, aftercare, and slow motion of some of the harder strokes. If you are a fan of real-life discipline, administered in a way to teach a very real lesson, this is the video for you. This video runs 26 minutes and shows the entire caning from two different angles.