ImMeganLive – Impregnating My French Aunt

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I got a text from my aunt Megan asking me to come over after school, i told her no problem. i really liked my aunt Megan ever since she started dating my dads brother Mike. i’ve got to be honest i’ve always had a little crush on Megan, i mean how could i not. shes incredibly beautiful, super flirty and her french accent just pushes me over the edge. Things change last year after Megan and Mike got married, thing seemed good for a while but they started fighting a lot, even at family get together’s. When i got to their house i just let myself in and found Megan sitting in the kitchen with a strange look on her face. she told me her and mike had been trying to have a kid but they were having problems. they saw a doctor it turns out that Mike had a really low sperm count and wasn’t able to get Megan pregnant. he was taking medication to help but after months of trying it still hadn’t worked. i asked if they thought about invetro, adoption, or a sperm donor. she told me they couldn’t afford invetro, and he wanted the baby to he is so adoption or sperm donor was out. she went on to tell me that she was afraid their marriage was going to fall apart if she didn’t get pregnant. i asked her what she was going to do and that’s when she hit me with her big plan. she told me she had been thinking of this for a while, my uncle just needed the baby to look like him and he would worry about anything else. then she said me and my uncle looked really similar and if i were to be the sperm donor then no one would know. i was shocked and said there was no way i could do that and even if i did we would get caught. she said she was sorry to hear that and that she was going to miss me. i asked her what she meant, she told me that if her and mike got divorced then she would loose her visa and have to leave the country. she just started at me with a sad face and reluctantly i agreed to help. i asked what i need to do, she got really excited and thanked me half a dozen time. she told me the first step would be getting a sperm sample from me to test how potent i was. out of nowhere she pulled a sample cup, bottle of lube, and a towel. she told me to just go into the bedroom and do what i normally do just finish in the cup and bring it back out to her. so i spent the next 10 minutes trying to masturbate in to the cup but something was wrong, it just felt weird and i couldn’t finish. i covered myself up and called out for Megan, she came into the room a second later and asked how it went. i told her about the problem and told her i was sorry. she asked me to try again but i told her it wouldn’t work. she said she really needed this to happen and very nervously she asked if maybe she could help me cum into the cup. i asked her what she meant, she just came closer to the bed, lifted up the towel and told me to to just relax and focus on cumming. having my sexy french aunt stroke my cock and make me cum into a cup felt amazing. once we were finished she told me that would get my sperm tested asap and we would be in touch. she thanked me again with a big hug and i got dressed and left.

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