Lee – My Roommate’s Girl Is A RACIST BITCH

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Me and Josh been roommate’s for about a year now. He’s a cool white dude. Smokes a lot, gets into some crazy stuff sometimes but he aint a bad person to live with usually. But Josh do have one problem. His bitch.

Josh been datin this blonde white bitch named Lee for a lil minute. And I just don’t fuck wit her. I mean she ain’t bad looking. Bitch got some BIG ASS TITTIES. They triple Ds or Es. I know the homie Josh be motorboating the fuck out em.

But..I think the bitch is racist. NGL I do be checking her out sometimes. Cuz she KNOW her titties big AF so she be wearing the sexiest outfits to show them bad boys off. So sometimes she catch me looking but then she give me a look. Like I’m some sort of animal. Like this bitch better than me cuz she white. Make me wanna slap the shit out her dumb ass.

She always make a point of holding her purse tight AF when i’m around. She came over once wearing a fucking MAGA hat til Josh told her stupid ass to take it off. She always complain loud AF when me and Josh listening to rap music, talmbout "This is noise. Who listens to this?" BITCH half of America listen to this music! Once they went out to eat and she gave me her fuckin leftovers and said "I thought you loved fried chicken?" So many stories I got about this hoe. Bitch is racist bro.

But all them stories ain’t NOTHING compared to what happened today. Josh was out so I was doin my thing, watchin some porn online. Beat my meat right quick and made a lil mess. That’s what happens when u got a big black dick.

So I went to get something to clean it up and this bitch come in (Josh gave her a key). And she on the phone with the homie…and the stuff she was sayin bro! Racist AFFFF! N Word this, drug dealer that. Bro i knew she was racist but i ain’t know she was like that! Bitch straight out a Klan rally. I listened to her whole conversation. And it made me fuckin mad. Stupid ass big titty white bitch. If Josh can’t control his bitch mouth, then I will.



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