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Slutty Casey Spanked By Mom (MommaSpankings)

Mom is waiting in her daughter’s room as there is no sign of her. Casey finally comes strolling in way past curfew, confronted by the sight of her angry mother in her bedroom. Casey is dressed like she has been out clubbing, her dress barely covers her body. Mommy didn’t raise a slut and tells her so… she also tells Casey that she is about to teach a lesson the old fashioned way with a spanking! After a tongue lashing scolding, scolding, Casey is taken over mommy’s lap for a hand spanking over her tight short dress. Then mom is shocked to see a thong on Casey when she lifts what is left of that skimpy garment. The spanking continues on her bare bottom until it is a nice shade of pink. It’s not over for Casey as she must take her slutty dress as it is going in the trash. Casey lays on the bed while mom uses the leather strap. Poor Casey struggles in pain as her cute bottom is strapped harder and harder by mommy. The last 6 strokes she is to get on all fours so the skin is stretched and it will hurt far more. Mommy ensures that Casey’s bottom is sore, leaving a sorry daughter to rub her swollen bottom better.