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1400 Hand Spankings To Schoolgirl Daniella – latin spanking

Another long hand and hard spanking to Daniella who had not been punished for a long time. This time she dressed in a micro schoolgirl skirt, in this clip you can enjoy 27 minutes of pure OTK spanking to complete 1400 spankings only with my firm hand. Daniella try to avoid the punishment but I went to but I returned her back to assume the position by pulling on its ear, and sometimes pulling her hair. This is hard work, but someone has to do it, Believe it or not my hand was hurt, but Daniella received an epic punishment.

Daniella’s Otk Public Spanking And Punished With The Wooden 1 Meter Rule – latin spanking

This is a sessión from our spanking anniversary party, it was an OTK competition, the contest consisted in giving 100 spanks to their girls and Daniella and Ivan del Abismo were the winners and they won a wooden rule of 1 meter same that was released at that moment and Ivan del Abismo gave several blows with the rule to Daniella, It was a very good party, congratulations to our winners!

Shaparrita’s Public Punishment – latin spanking

Shaparrita always is in trouble, she did a lot of pranks that night and was punished first with my hand first she standing, then in OTK position and finally loaded on my shoulders, I also pulled her hair. Then I punished her with the Argentine rebenque. Soon after, Karla Santos joined us to masturbate Shaparrita while she was being punished. This has been the hardest spanking that I have given to her and her buttocks turned purple. Poor shaparrita, I hope she has learned the lesson.

Daniellas’s Long Hard Spanking And Crying – latin spanking

Daniella was spanked finally after a long time and she had accumulated many reasons to be punished. This is a long hand and very hard spanking, more than a thousand hand spankings and a severe belting, Daniella cries in some parts of the punishment, I made her to count the belt strokes and at the end she presented her ass over a high heel furniture. This is a very hard spanking in HQ.

Daniellas’s Severe Tawsing – latin spanking

The Daniella’s punishment from our last clip “Daniellas’s hard punishmente till she cries 4”, not ended there, then she received some strokes with the 1 meter wood rule and then she received her first severe tawsing, her bottom shows very beautiful red hot and purple marks as you can see in the picture, take a look of the preview to see Daniella screaming in pain, I hope she learned the lesson, this is a 100% disciplinary spanking.

Daniella & Ivan Del Abismo – latin spanking

Daniella wash punished very hard by my partner Ivan del Abismo, she was dressed in a black leather mini skirt, firts he spanked her over the skirt and then, panties on and then panties down bare bottom. At the end she took some strokes with the leather paddle and then with the wooden paddle, very nice and hot clip, this punishment was in front of some friends. Ivan del Abismo is a Spanker that made a lot of videos during the spanking gold age for Monglow, California Star, Janus, etc.

Daniella And Profe Wish Very Hard Christmas Spanking – latin spanking

This is never seen before video from 2016 Latin Spanking Christmas party (we didn’t have our studio yet), we make this party every year to celebrate the end of the year parties and my birthday. And I consider this punishment one of the best live sessions with Daniella ever, in which he received a long session with hand and with several types of paddles, it was a long and very hard punishment, her buttocks ended very red and purple. I hope you like this video.

Daniella’s Hard Punishment Till She Cries 2 – latin spanking

This is the first long punishment we showed in a video clip, which I could have loaded in parts, but I want to show it complete for you in this our beginning in this adventure. Daniella is subjected to an intense and severe disciplinary punishment for not fulfilling her tasks that includes a long session with my hand of about 26 minutes, I almost broke my spanking record with a hand (I know, it’s hard work but someone has to to do, said an English friend “the hand hurts as much as the buttocks”, but also the arms get tired, but as I said before, a good Spanker never gives up). Then I gave him several blows full strength with the belt, with the Argentine rebenque, Egyptian whip, carpet shaker, Christian paddle, and finally with the cane. Again you will see poor Daniella cry a lot in a super intense high-level punishment session of 48 mins (26 with hand and 20 with instruments), one of the best we’ve had.