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PETRA – This Means War! (1987) [Digitally Remastered 2021] HQ

Girder Records has just reissued three iconic PETRA albums. These limited run melodic hard rock classics are back in remastered deluxe editions on both vinyl and CD so fans can rediscover just what made these albums so pivotal in the history of CCM, as well as introduce them to those who may have missed these iconic releases the first time around.
This Means War!” dropped in 1987, ushering in a new era, vocalist John Schlitt (formerly of the rock band Head East) now in his prime and firing on all cylinders in his sophomore project with the band. The band knew that a hard rock/arena rock record was what everyone wanted and that’s exactly what producers John and Dino Elefante could deliver and did they ever.
Although this album was reissued not so long ago, it lacked the punch, low-end, and definition this 2021 remastering now affords, leaving fans wanting more. But now in the hands of Rob Colwell it sounds new, fresh and relevant again. It’s a killer US melodic hard rock record.
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PETRA – Beat The System (1984) [Digitally Remastered 2021] HQ

Girder Records has just reissued three iconic PETRA albums. These limited run melodic hard rock classics are back in remastered deluxe editions on both vinyl and CD so fans can rediscover just what made these albums so pivotal in the history of CCM, as well as introduce them to those who may have missed these iconic releases the first time around.
Petra’s Grammy nominated 1985 album, ”Beat The System” (being remastered for the first time here) is certainly one of Petra’s most transitional works. It is also one that, despite being thoroughly a product of its time, manages to sound surprisingly relevant today.
Due to the departure of keyboardist John Slick, the preponderance of the album’s mountain of synthesizer tracks were actually performed by studio musicians Carl Marsh & Rhett Lawrence, a young producer and musician who, in future years, would produce albums and write songs for major artists.
When Lawrence was working on ”Beat The System” he was also working as synth programmer for Michael Jackson and Van Halen, which gave the album a polished, mainstream sound…
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FRED ZAHL (feat. Jimi Jamison) – Herzseligkeiten Part One (2020)

Guitarist, songwriter, producer FRED ZAHL is a well known name in the German scene, having recorded & toured with the likes of Alannah Myles, Suzi Quatro, Paul Carrack, etc both in Europe and America. But perhaps we melodic rock fans remember Zahl for his project with the late Jimi Jamison; One Man’s Trash.
Zahl has released ”Herzseligkeiten Part One”, an album compiling some of his works from the last twenty years, solo recordings and with other artists, many singers (male & female) and of course Jimi Jamison / One Man’s Trash songs.
Most tracks have been re-mixed so we can hear the great Jimi into a new context, always with a rock style & background. Additionally, there’s other interesting singers to discover here, and Zahl’s himself as vocalist, which voice color brings to mind Per Gessle of Roxette.
And we have an outtake from the One Man’s Trash sessions featuring Jamison on lead vocals, another reason to listen to ”Herzseligkeiten (‘Affectionate’ in English) Part One”.

PETRA – More Power to Ya (1982) [Digitally Remastered 2021] HQ

Girder Records has just reissued three iconic PETRA albums. These limited run melodic hard rock classics are back in remastered deluxe editions on both vinyl and CD so fans can rediscover just what made these albums so pivotal in the history of CCM, as well as introduce them to those who may have missed these iconic releases the first time around.
Petra got its start in 1972 as one of the pioneers of Christian Rock, even Stryper fans would never enter into a debate on who the greatest Christian Rock Band of all time is.
1982’s ”More Power to Ya” was Petra’s fifth album and the one that changed everything. Previously sounding classic rock with some bluesy vibes, Petra had been working out the bugs to perfect a polished melodic rock / AOR progressive-rock sound.
On ”More Power to Ya” they finally crafted a style that could easily lock horns with anything on the industry charts and stand toe to toe with bands like Styx, Boston, and Journey. Heck, even Toto’s Steve Porcaro play here.
This is a new 2021 remaster which blows out of the water the previous.
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GUNS N’ ROSES – Use Your Illusion I & II (Japan Edition) [30th Anniversary]

Exactly thirty years ago today, September 17, GUNS N’ ROSES simultaneously released their third and fourth studio albums, ‘Use Your Illusion I‘ and ‘Use Your Illusion II‘. There isn’t a CD reissue, but we at 0dayrox celebrate the 30 years of these albums with the Japanese Edition, just because we think both are milestones in Hard Rock history. In many ways ‘Use Your Illusion I & II‘ marked the end of an era in Rock, and were the last great GUNS N’ ROSES songs.
During the early ’90s, there weren’t many acts that could touch GN’R and the ‘Use Your Illusion’ albums were an example of a band on top of their game pursuing something special…

OZZY OSBOURNE – No More Tears [30th Anniversary Expanded Edition +13] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

More than 30 years after its release, OZZY OSBOURNE’s sixth solo album –the Top 10 (#7) and quadruple platinum NO MORE TEARS will be celebrated with an expanded digital audio album due out September 17, plus a limited 2LP vinyl version. This 30th Anniversary Expanded Edition includes no less than 13 bonus tracks.
In its release, NO MORE TEARS yielded four top ten singles on the Billboard Rock Tracks chart, “Mama, I’m Coming Home” (#2), “Road To Nowhere” (#3), “Time After Time” (#6) and the title track (#10). In addition, the album’s “I Don’t Want to Change the World” earned OZZY his first Grammy for a live version of the track that was featured on his 1993 LIVE AND LOUD album.
The Grammy-winning track was one of the album’s four songs co-written with OZZY’s longtime friend and colleague Lemmy Kilmister; the others include “Mama, I’m Coming Home,” “Desire,” and “Hellraiser.”
Here’s a special 2021 remix of “Hellraiser” feat Lemmy, as part of the 13 bonus tracks.
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KING ZEBRA – Survivors (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

Founded by Eric St. Michaels (ex- China), Swiss hard rockers KING ZEBRA have been around for almost a decade, releasing some singles, EP’s and touring extensively, and now are ready to release their debut album with Golden Robot / Crusader Records titled ”Survivors”. The band rides the line between modern and traditional old school ’80s hard rock / glam metal with tunes that certainly make them stand out from other rock acts that come from Switzerland.
The album opens with the cleverly titled ‘Under Destruction’, a high octane rocker that’s one of those “dangerous while driving” songs that can make you hit the gas just a little too hard if you’re not careful. The CD then sails into first single ‘She Don’t Like My R’N’R’, with it’s bluesy swagger that’s a different beast altogether from the first track.
From these two songs you can ascertain this is a band that is capable of touching on various genres of hard rock and delivering quite impressive results.
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INTERCORE – Dreams For Sale (2021)

Released by Pride & Joy Records, “Dreams For Sale” is Sweden’s INTERCORE debut album, four years in the making. The time was well spent: it is an enjoyable, polished set of melodic hard rock songs.
Guitarist, songwriter and producer Raimo Rommedahl (ex Cousin Bill) and singer/guitarist Jesper Max (ex Friase) were touring musicians who met in early 2014. They shared a deep desire for making their own music and a dream of building their own professional studio. The result was the opening of premium Rockstone Studio in 2016.
In order to complete the lineup, they brought in drummer Thomas “Shuffle” Persson (ex Highlander) and bass player Robert Fallqvist, and InterCore born.
InterCore’s music is classic Scandinavian melodic hard rock: think current EUROPE with its bluesy traditional riffs & sound. There’s something of SCORPIONS, TREAT, THIN LIZZY too, all very well arranged & produced by Rommedahl & Max.

PAUL CARRACK – One on One (2021)

British Sheffield’s singer / songwriter PAUL CARRACK is rightly known as “the man with the golden voice”, with an impressive solo career but also as member of Mike + The Mechanics, Roxy Music, Squeeze, Roger Waters’ backing band and more. Indeed, if vocal talent equalled financial success, Paul Carrack would be a bigger name than legends such as Phil Collins or Elton John.
There are plenty more flattering epithets that critics and fans could confer on Paul – two off the top of the old head; “consistent” and “reliable”.
After many delays due the pandemic, finally his new solo album ‘One on One’ is being released today, and doesn’t disappoint – it’s both “consistent” and “reliable” and that “golden voice” has never sounded better…

FICTION SYXX – Ghost Of My Fathers Past (2021)

Melodic hard rock / progressive rockers FICTION SYXX have put together a very well thought out, superbly executed set of tracks on new album ”Ghosts of My Fathers Past”. Spurning out and out bombast – though there are many moments throughout the record where sheer pomp metal majesty does win the day – in favour of old fashioned concepts like songwriting smarts and sheer talent, the band have created nine thoughtful, often poignant cuts built around the superb vocals of ex- BILOXI Mark Lanoue and the excellent guitar playing of ex- KING KOBRA JK Northrup…

DAUGHTRY – Dearly Beloved (2021)

With three years since their last album, DAUGHTRY announces new LP, ”Dearly Beloved” due out September 17. The 13-track album features the Billboard Hard Rock Digital Songs Sales Chart #1 and Top 20 Active Rock Radio Hit ‘Heavy Is the Crown’, which lead the band’s upcoming headlining in-person tour kicking off this November 2021.
Though it could be argued that the singer’s most impressive achievement was breaking free of the curse of American Idol in the mid-2000s, since then Daughtry has established himself as a band leader and songwriter on his own merit.
With a string of hits and memorable anthems already behind him, ”Dearly Beloved’ promises to add even more to the collection, hitting mainly the right notes…

BILLY IDOL – The Roadside (2021)

Eighties icon BILLY IDOL is set to release ”The Roadside” — his first new release in nearly seven years — on September 17 via Dark Horse Records. Produced by Butch Walker and featuring Idol’s longtime lead guitarist and co-writer Steve Stevens, ”The Roadside” was conceived, recorded, and mixed almost entirely under the shadow of the pandemic.
The new studio material is much closer to Idol’s classic ’80s works than the material of his last album (2014), an orientation we like a lot. The lead single “Bitter Taste” features some of Idol’s most introspective and confessional lyrics ever, as he confronts death, rebirth, and his personal growth in the thirty-one years since his near-fatal 1990 motorcycle accident.
When Stevens intertwines the acoustic guitar with the electric, it’s money. Shading the light with the dark, it’s the perfect balance. Stevens is one of those guitar greats who never gets the credit he deserves. He and Idol are a fabulous combination…

DREAM THEATER – Lost Not Forgotten Archives; Master of Puppets – Live in Barcelona (2021)

DREAM THEATER are pleased to announce the upcoming re-release of one of the most sought-after entries in the band’s previously recorded Ytsejam Records catalog: “Master of Puppets”. The next entry in the Lost Not Forgotten Archives series will see this remastered edition of the band’s historic presentation from Barcelona, Spain, of Metallica’s 6x-certified platinum record, performed live in its entirety in 2002.
Here, Dream Theater cover Master of Puppets without drawing attention to themselves. Mike Portnoy does not grandstand and overplay. Nobody does. If the effort was to do an authentic version of Puppets, as close to note for note as possible, then I say mission accomplished. Beat for beat, this is stunningly true to the original album… with a Dream Theater flavor.
And it’s awesome…

DUCKWALK CHUCK – Fired Up (2021)

Norwegian Hard Rockers DUCKWALK CHUCK has been active for 20 years, and to celebrate their anniversary they are about to release what should be their finest album, the upcoming ”Fired Up”.
Duckwalk Chuck – what a fun name by the way – music premise is to have a good time, straight in your face, timeless rock ‘n’ roll.
Opener, the title track, pretty much summarizes the band’s simple yet effective formula. ‘All Fired Up’ is not a cover of the Tina Turner cover of the Pat Benatar cover of the Kerryn Tolhurst song of the same name- what it is though is a kickin’ classic hard rocker compete with lyrics about leather & studs and some gang vocals in the choruses. Classic rock riffing, rolling bass lines, four to the floor drums and dirty raspy vocals give us exactly what we’d expect from a good rock ‘n’ roll song…

TALES OF THE OLD – The Book Of Chaos (2021)

While formed more than a decade ago, “The Book Of Chaos” is TALES OF THE OLD first album to be released by Pride & Joy Music. Founded by keyboard player Mike Tzanakis, this Greek based band recorded an EP in 2012 but faced a lot of unspeakable difficulties and obstacles, until a couple years ago Tzanakis decided to reform the whole band and give birth to his dream. New members, new reality, a total new vision. A project which would never take flesh and bones without the contribution of renowned musician producer Bob Katsionis. Italian Fabio Lione, among others, contribute vocals on several songs.
The band’s sound is quite unique, mixing elements from classic melodic metal, hard rock, progressive with synth / keyboard orchestrations entwined with lyrics inspired by the Medieval Era, making the music of TALES OF THE OLD sound like a perfect soundtrack of the Dark Ages and the eternal battle of Good & Evil.